Periodontal Trays & the Prevention of Periodontal Disease

Why Should You Use Periodontal Trays?

After reading this site's discussion on periodontal disease, you are probably wondering, "other than brushing and flossing, which I do regularly, how can I prevent periodontal disease? Or even reverse some of its affects?

As was mentioned on the periodontal disease page, recent studies suggest that using custom made periodontal trays, with hydrogen peroxide gel, can be used effectively to both treat and repair problems associated with periodontal disease.

It's important to note that using hydrogen peroxide is different from older systems that have used antibiotic gels. The use of antibiotic gels in treating gum disease has come under scrutiny in recent years for a variety of reasons. Especially for the side effects of antibiotic gels (e.g., teeth staining), the cost of the treatment and the concern of antibiotic resistance.

Whereas, the safety and lack of side effects of hydrogen peroxide has consistently been demonstrated. It is also available at a minimal maintenance cost.

Customized periodontal trays have an internal seal that helps place hydrogen peroxide get deep below the gums, where it can fight the buildup of bacteria and the resulting tartar. This is important because brushing, rinsing, and flossing just can’t reach below the gums to manage the bacteria that cause the disease.

And that means you can't cure gum disease by simply brushing more often or flossing more effectively. Because you are not getting deep into the area where the bacteria are hiding and growing. The colonization of bacteria is what you need to directly attack.

That is where periodontal trays come in. By getting the hydrogen peroxide deep beneath the gums and holding it there for a period of time, you can fight the buildup of bacterial communities (called biofilms).

For this reason, periodontal trays can not only prevent gingivitis from turning into periodontitis, but is some cases can even help the body repair some of the damage done by periodontitis.

Also, bacteria management in your mouth can help promote your general wellness too, because gum disease is linked to several other serious systematic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and more.

How Exactly Does the Periodontal Trays Work?

The internal seals in periodontal trays make is possible to place medication directly into the pockets between teeth and gum tissue. So it's important to have these trays customized to your mouth (as opposed to some oral trays sold through supermarkets and drugstores that are "one size fits all").

When you have these trays made for you, the dentist or hygienist will take measurements of your mouth and use them along with a mold of your mouth to make your customized trays.

With the seal that is created in the trays, the hydrogen peroxide gel is held closely to your gums and teeth. The pressure of the seal forces the hydrogen peroxide gel into your gums and the spaces between your teeth. It can also reach the pockets that have been created by receding gum lines.

Using Periodontal Trays

Most patients who use periodontal trays will start with 2 applications per day, keeping the trays with the hydrogen peroxide gel in their mouths for 15 minutes at a time. In sever cases of periodontitis, dentists may prescribe longer and more frequent sessions, based on each patient’s degree of disease.

Over time, your dentist may reduce of increase your usage of the trays as results become apparent with regular dental visits.

Eventually, you will use the periodontal tray as a daily regimen, in conjunction with your daily routine of brushing and flossing. You will find that this daily routine will help keep your teeth whiter and your breath fresher, pleasant "side effects" of the hydrogen peroxide gel.

The Real Benefits of Using Periodontal Trays

Periodontal trays are unique in their ability to help reduce and even repair the damages of periodontal disease. They are a non-invasive method of treating a condition that is commonly treated with surgery.

If you are suffering from any form of gum disease symptoms, or if you believe your gums may be infected and diseased, consider contacting a dentist trained in the use and creation of periodontal trays. When combined with daily brushing and flossing, the use of periodontal tray can offer you a minimally invasive, long-term and cost effective care designed to avoid repetitive scaling procedures and surgery.

How Are Periodontal Trays Made?

Periodontal Disease is the Leading Cause of Tooth Loss!

Once you've decided to invest in your own periodontal trays, your dentist or hygienist will take measurement of your mouth and send them to a dental laboratory along with a mold of your mouth. The lab will use these measurements to customize an internal seal for each periodontal tray. When the tray is ready, you will be able to put the hydrogen peroxide solution directly in the and immediately begin benefiting your oral care regimen.

You will start out using your trays twice a day, for a period of 10-15 minutes (as prescribed by your dentist). If you have an active infection, your dentist may prescribe a more frequent regimen or one with linger time frames.

Some patients will continue on their original regimen indefinitely; some may be able to reduce to once a day use. But remember, the management of periodontal disease is an ongoing process. With continued daily use you will help prevent periodontal disease, may see improvement in prior damage to the gums and will also have fresher breath and cleaner teeth.

Where Can You Get Periodontal Trays?

The advantages of periodontal trays are becoming widely known in North America and Europe. However, the use in South America has only now begun. In fact, currently only one dentist in Ecuador is proving customized periodontal trays.

Dr. Alan Woods, an ADA Board Certified American-trained dentist, who practices in Cuenca, Ecuador, is now providing his patients with the opportunity to have their own customized periodontal trays.

Dr. Woods has been offering this service to his patients over the past 18 months and has seen dramatic improvement in the prevention and improvement of symptoms in ALL of his patients who have been using their periodontal trays for a minimum of 3 months.

"It's really amazing to see how this non-invasive, non-antibiotic treatment can easily stop periodontal disease in its tracks. I've been practicing for over 20 years and this is the first time I can say I've seen revolutionary change in how we treat periodontal disease."

To find our more about periodontal trays, or to set an appointment to get fitted for your own customized set,
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